World of Difference Ltd. is Lindsay’s theatrical storytelling company that uses the interactive performance of stories to inspire the imagination, spark creativity and promote a love for learning, literacy and the arts. In each program, Lindsay uses a unique blend of storytelling, theatre, and creative drama, making audience members active participants in the telling and leading to an unforgettable story experience.

Lindsay’s dynamic programs are perfect for all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens. She has worked with schools, preschools, libraries, daycare centers, camps, churches, festivals, senior centers and everywhere in between!



Around the World Adventures

Lindsay shares folktales from around the world, whisking her audience away on an interactive adventure. Lindsay will help you to pick the perfect tale(s) to customize the experience to your event.

Some popular themes include: Friendship, Trickster Tales, Earth Care, Porquoi Tales (How & Why Stories), Character-Building/Anti-Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Science (STEAM) and Geography


Folktale Flights

Lindsay sends audiences soaring on a simulated “flight” sure to spark the imagination. Together we’ll “fly” to our folktale’s country of origin for an unforgettable story journey.


Holiday Tales

Celebrate your favorite season with stories! Here are just a few of the holidays Lindsay can help you celebrate:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Mother’s Day
  • Earth Day
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Halloween/Harvest Time
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas/Winter Time


Storytelling in Spanish

Lindsay gives audiences an immersive Spanish-language experience through folktales. The amount of Spanish spoken can be customized to the level of the audience; however, with Lindsay’s expressive style and use of gestures, costumes and props, you’ll be surprised how much even beginning level students are able to understand! Perfect for Spanish classes and clubs!


Teeny Tales

Lindsay shares stories for even the littlest listeners, engaging them with kinesthetic movement, oral participation and exciting visuals.



Original Tales

Lindsay shares stories from her own books, such as Lily and the City of Light and O Christmas Tree! (You won’t want to miss her as Treena, when she’s dressed in her full-body Christmas tree suit!) These tellings can be paired with an author chat and book-signing  if desired.


Scripture ALIVE!

Lindsay brings the Bible to life with vibrant telling, allowing audiences to experience familiar stories of faith with fresh eyes. In her Parables program, audiences become part of some of the most powerful and enduring stories Jesus told.