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At World of Difference Ltd., we use a unique blend of storytelling, theatre, and creative drama to give our audiences an unforgettable story experience. Audience members never “just sit there” but instead become active participants and co-creators in every telling! Our programs are flexible with different options available for program length, audience size, age range and budget. Check out the current programs below to see what we offer! And if you’re looking for a different combination than what you see, let us know! Many of the stories can be mixed and matched to create your desired program.

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A Chinese New Year Celebration

Celebrate Chinese New Year (aka the Spring Festival) with three folktales exploring the rich symbolism of China’s most important traditional holiday! In this interactive program, audience members will learn about the origins and unique customs of the Spring Festival as well as its significance to the Chinese people.


All the Wisdom in the World

When a greedy elephant sets out to collect and hoard all the world’s wisdom, he discovers that there are some things that cannot be possessed. This African folktale from the Yoruba people asks audiences to reflect upon the wisdom of African proverbs while also sharing the wisdom that they have gained through their own life journeys. 

 Anansi and Snake

Everyone’s favorite spider Anansi is back in this Jamaican folktale in which Anansi earns the right to have the stories named after him. Journey with Anansi as he makes a deal with King Tiger, plots to capture Snake, and ultimately proves to all the animals in the forest that his itsy-bitsy size will not keep him from becoming great!

Anansi’s Eight Long Legs

Why does a spider have eight long legs? Find out in this famous tale introducing audiences to everyone’s favorite African trickster, Anansi.

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A Russian tale about an old woman who is so busy attending to her daily chores that she misses out on the opportunity of a lifetime. This heart-warming tale explains why Babushka is sometimes known as the Russian Santa Claus.


Celebrate Mom!

A special selection of stories to celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children. Perfect for a special Mother’s Day celebration. Possible stories include the Kangaroo’s Pouch (Australia), The Cheetah’s Tears (Africa), Mother Groundhog (Ojibwa), The Lion’s Whisker (Africa) and The Three Frilly Goats Fluff (an adaptation of the popular Norwegian folktale.)


Christmas and Winter Tales

Ho! Ho! Ho! Allow the wonder of the season to envelop you as Lindsay reaches into her storytelling bag and pulls out the perfect story gifts for the audience! Possibilities of stories include The Elves and the Shoemaker (Germany), The Legend of the Christmas Spider (Ukraine), The Little Snowgirl (Russia), The Mitten (Ukraine), The Very Big Christmas Kitty (Norway) and Bugle the Rein-Dog (an original tale.)


Dog Tails

Why do dogs sniff each other’s tails? Find out in this humorous Iroquois tale which will have audiences howling and dancing in delight as they learn the importance of respect for their elders.


Frog and Snake

Frog and Snake are very different. Frog likes to hop. Snake likes to slither. But one afternoon they meet and discover that despite their differences they can still have lots of fun together. But will everyone agree? Audience members will enjoy hopping and slithering, croaking and hissing, as they explore this folktale about tolerance and respect for differences.


King Lion’s Party

How did the zebra get its stripes? How did the elephant get its tusks? This uproarious tale from the Khoi tribe of southern Africa, told by King Lion himself, holds the answers.


Let the Games Begin: A Celebration of Sport and Story

After a few animal-inspired warm-ups, we’re off to Africa for a Tug of War between the Titans! For when Rabbit tires of being teased about his small size and strength, he pulls two of Africa’s biggest animals into a plan to teach them both a little lesson. Next we’ll discover how the fastest animal on the planet, Cheetah, got his speed. We’ll finish up in Brazil for a race between Rat and Beetle. Who will win and get the coveted prize? You’ll have to be at the finish line to find out!


The Monkey and the Crocodile

Can a monkey and a crocodile be friends? Find out in this Indian tale exploring themes of friendship, honesty, and cleverness.


One Grain of Rice

When a cruel raja (prince) steals rice from his own people, a clever village girl concocts a plan to save them from starvation. In this mathematical folktale from India, students will discover that one grain of rice doubled every day adds up very quickly!

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Papa Dieux’s Well

This ecological tale with themes of responsibility and sharing is about a greedy Lizard who lets his power go to his head. It is designed to bring awareness to the lengths that many people around the world, especially those in Haiti, must go in order to find clean drinking water.

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Peace Builders

Designed to give young audience members the tools they need to be peace builders in their daily lives, this program features two thought-provoking folktales that emphasize conflict resolution.

  • In The War Between the Whales and the Sandpipers from the Marshall Islands, a silly argument between Whale and Sandpiper turns into an all-out battle between the birds and the sea creatures. As each side tries to prove itself more powerful than the other, they discover that their silly feud has devastating consequences for everyone.
  • In Old Joe and the Carpenter from Appalachia, two neighbors and life-long friends find themselves in a bitter quarrel over a stray calf that neither really needs. When a carpenter passes through their town, one neighbor, Old Joe, enlists him to build a fence between their properties, but the carpenter has other ideas.


The Perfect Madrina

A Mexican tale about a young man named Julio who thinks he can outwit Death. This tale introduces audiences to the popular Mexican holiday, El Día de Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), a time to celebrate deceased loved ones.


Pumpkin Tales

Celebrate the delightful fall season with a collection of pumpkin tales from around the world! Choose from such stories such as the Old Woman and the Pumpkin from India, the Mule Egg from the United States, Nasreddin and the Pumpkin from Turkey, and the Pumpkin Seed Bird from East Asia. These tales are so much fun, audiences will want to hear them year round!


The Ram in the Chile Patch

A Mexican tale about a boy named Juan who fails to heed his mother’s instructions and ends up with a big problem — a ram intent on devouring his chile patch! However, with the help of his friends, Juan learns that you don’t have to be big to do great things.

Study Guide Available


The Science of Storytelling

Zany Dr. Fizz takes audiences on a fascinating exploration of science and story! Before there was science, people used stories to explain everything from why giraffes have long necks to why humans have longer life spans than many of their animal counterparts. In this program, we’ll answer those question with folktales from Africa and Laos while also looking at the scientific theories behind them.


Stories from the Dreamtime

Discover the secret behind why we dream and the reason that the kangaroo has a pouch in these two Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. These beautiful tales are loaded with interesting information about Australian animals and emphasize the importance of kindness and caring for the earth.




Tiny Tails: Stories of Small-Sized Superheroes

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s. . . the Superhero Storyteller! The Superhero Storyteller is on a mission to show young audience members that no one is too small to be a hero! Journey with her to Japan for the story of The Singing Turtle in which a kind old woodcutter helps a struggling turtle only to receive a reward he never could have imagined. Then it’s off to Indonesia to meet Clever Mousedeer who despite his small size must save his island from becoming tiger food! Audience members will come away from this inspiring program knowing that it’s the small acts of kindness that make the biggest heroes!



A Treasure Trove of Asian Tales

In this exciting presentation of Asian folklore, audiences will meet a greedy rich man who can never dig deep enough to hide his riches and his poor neighbor who learns that often the most valuable treasure is right under our noses. Brought to life through energetic telling, engaging props and costumes, and lots of audience participation, this program is sure to delight audiences of all ages!


What Could be Worse?

When a man grows weary of the chaos in his home, a wise rabbi gives him advice that turns his household upside down while teaching him a valuable lesson in contentment. If desired, this hilarious, yet insightful, tale can be paired with a second Jewish folktale, “The Tree of Sorrows,” which continues the theme of contentment while highlighting the uselessness of complaining.


The Wit and Wisdom of Nasreddin

While Nasreddin is believed to be from Turkey, his humorous stories of wit and wisdom are told throughout the Middle East and beyond. In this collection of tales, audiences will love discovering how Nasreddin’s willingness to “play the fool” allows him to teach valuable lessons in character development to his listeners. Enjoy some of his most famous tales such as “Eat, Coat, Eat!” and “Please One, Please None.”