Summer Reading

Lindsay is a highly sought-after Summer Reading Program performer, delighting library audiences with her interactive, literacy-based programs since 2009. At the end of each program, Lindsay likes to send her listeners racing to the bookshelves by letting them in on a little secret — the amazing stories she told can be found in BOOKS! Summer dates fill up fast, so book early to secure your preferred date!



Designed to fit the Collaborative Summer Reading Program theme of “Building a Better World,” the Peace Builders program will be designed to give young listeners the tools they need to be peace builders in their daily lives by featuring thought-provoking folktales that emphasize conflict resolution.

  • In The War Between the Whales and the Sandpipers from the Marshall Islands, a silly argument between Whale and Sandpiper turns into an all-out battle between the birds and the sea creatures. As each side tries to prove itself more powerful than the other, they discover that their silly feud has devastating consequences for everyone.
  • In Old Joe and the Carpenter from Appalachia, two neighbors and life-long friends find themselves in a bitter quarrel over a stray calf that neither really needs. When a carpenter passes through their town, one neighbor, Old Joe, enlists him to build a fence between their properties, but the carpenter has other ideas.

As always, there will be plenty of opportunities for audience participation from kinesthetic and vocal to taking on the role of such fun characters as sharks and whales through the use of costumes and props!

Dates are limited. For more information or to secure your date, please contact us at


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