We offer high-energy interactive workshops for children and hands-on professional development for adults. Whether you’re a storyteller, librarian, teacher, principal or church leader, we’ve got something for you! Choose from one of our available workshops or have one tailor-made to fit the needs of your group.

A storytelling and story writing workshop for students in Ghana.



Animal Adventures 

Have fun with the wonderful world of animals as we step into the skin of snakes, elephants, and monkeys and learn how to bring these characters to life through movement. (Recommended for preschool aged students.)


Basic African Dance

Work up a sweat and a love for Africa while singing and dancing to some African beats!


Body Language

Just how much can you say with your body? You’d be surprised. See how the little things you do communicate with an audience and the people with whom you interact on a daily basis!


Character Creation

What makes you who you are? This workshop will help answer that question as we explore how to use the body and voice to create believable characters.


Everyone’s a Storyteller

You don’t have to be a professional to tell stories -it’s something we all do every day! Through the use of paired and group storytelling activities, students discover and tell stories from their own lives, enhancing listening and speaking skills. They also discuss component parts of a story and find creative ways to develop original stories, focusing on collaboration and cooperative learning.


Improv Unleashed

The word ‘improv’ strikes fear into the hearts of many; however, this workshop is designed to show participants that you don’t have to be funny or a seasoned performer to be an improv artist. Through a series of partner and group activities, we will explore such important elements of improv as listening, focus, and teamwork and will discover how improv can be used as a tool for developing stories. (Recommended for upper elementary to adult-aged groups.)


Porquoi Tales: Stories that Answer Questions

Children love to ask the question, “Why?” And porquoi tales are stories that answer that very question! Told by cultures around the world, they have been used to explain everything from why the stars are in the sky to why the giraffe has a long neck. In this workshop, participants will experience the telling of a porquoi tale, brainstorm and enact other possible ways for answering the question presented by the story, and write their own porquoi tale.


Story Writing 101

In this workshop, participants explore the important elements of story such as setting, character and problem through interactive drama activities. They also walk through the steps of creating a story through the use of a graphic organizer. If desired, students can bring their original stories to the stage with a workshop session focused on basic performance techniques. (This is best done over a series of sessions; however, it may be split up according to your needs.)


Early childhood educators get a hands-on introduction to interactive storytelling.



Interactive Storytelling: Involving the Audience

This workshop will get participants thinking about ways to actively involve the audience in their tellings. Reasons for interactive storytelling, how to choose appropriate material and different levels of audience participation will be discussed. Opportunities to develop stories and make them interactive will also be given. (Great for librarians and storytellers!)


Interactive Storytelling for Learning and Literacy Development

This workshop is designed for teachers and those desiring to use storytelling in an educational setting. Participants will learn how and why storytelling can be used to build literacy skills and reinforce concepts in other curricular areas. They will experience a storytelling demonstration and later apply what they learn through their own telling of a short fable.


Tell Me the Story: Creatively Engaging the Bible

Leading a warm up in Costa Rica.

This workshop addresses how storytelling and creative drama activities can be used to increase understanding and engagement with the Word of God. Participants will be part of a guided telling which will allow them to bring both their imaginations and personal experiences to the story leading to greater depth of insight.